Buckhorn State Park, Wisconsin’s Mosquito Capital

The plants are budding, the insects are buzzing, and the birds are driving my cats nuts on the other side of the window. It must be spring! Which means, it’s hiking and camping season again!

The 2019 season kicked off with a trip to a state park from my to-do list, Buckhorn State Park.

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Summer Hiking Preview, a 2019 Bucket List of Parks

You guys, I’m getting married in 27 days.

That’s craziness. As excited as I am to spend the day with family and friends, I’m also excited for it to be over. Wedding planning takes a lot of time, time that I can think of 100 other ways to spend. Hiking is the first one that comes to mind.

Last winter I created a post of the places I wanted to visit that summer. While the post was born from cabin fever, I actually found it quite useful when it came time to make camping reservations or plan day-trips and referenced it several times.

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June Hiking Preview, Mini-Moon Hiking Trip

Well hello there, March! Is it that time already? Time to emerge from the darkness of winter? Already time to put the winter coats away and thaw out a bit? Just kidding, it’s about time. This winter feels like it lasted for 3 years. I know I’m not alone in feeling like I’ve seen enough snow to last a lifetime.

And you know what else spring brings? It brings me closer to the wedding date! 93 days to go as of today (cue minor heart attack). Along with planning 1000 things related to the wedding, I’m also planning two honeymoons. Well, to be fair, one regular honeymoon and one mini-moon. We’re not going to Jamaica until early 2020 so, wanting to soak up the post-wedding bliss, we decided to do something sooner and smaller. The mini-moon was born!

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Hiking the Niagara Escarpment at Ledge Park, Dodge County, Wisconsin

Back in the day, I used to drive 74 miles a day for work. That feels like a lifetime ago, but I guess it was only late July when I made the trip for the last time.

Anyway, working 37 miles north of home, I tried to get to know the area a little bit. In addition to learning about a few yummy restaurants and unique shops, I also learned about some scenic local parks. One of those parks was a favorite of a now former co-worker.

Ledge County Park, of Dodge County, Wisconsin, is just outside the city of Horicon. The park’s landscape is dominated by drastic cliffs and rocky slides. This is thanks to the Niagara Escarpment that passes through the area. This escarpment, which you might have guessed, is the same one that contains the cliff over which the Niagara River falls and becomes, well, Niagara Falls. This part of the escarpment is an itty-bitty baby cliff in comparison, but it’s neat to think how something so awe inspiring, dripping in raw and untamed power could be linked to this park in the middle of Wisconsin.

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Wisconsin State Park camping reservations — what you need to know about the new site

Have you heard the exciting news for Wisconsin campers? If not, let me tell you about the new reservation system for booking campsites.

Out is the old Reserve America site and in is the new Going To Camp (operated by Camis USA.)

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Easy Campfire Italian Beef Foils

I would like to introduce you to my new favorite thing.

Giardiniera on all things beef.

I’ve long been a fan of a good Chicago Italian beef sandwich. Shaved beef, spicy giardiniera, on crunchy bread, all dipped in au jus. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Having one warm off the fire after a long day of hiking? Possibly a dream come true.

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Wildcat Mountain State Park, Campsite Review, Cart-in Sites on a Ridge

Late July I visited Wildcat Mountain State Park for a hiking and camping trip. While the hiking was gorgeous, it was made more challenging by the hot and humid conditions of the day. Those conditions continued on into the night, making sleep a challenge as well. It’s hard to believe now, looking outside to a 21 degree morning covered in frost, that it was only a few months ago I slept on top of my sleeping bag inside a tent and still felt uncomfortable from the heat.

If you missed that last post, check it out by clicking this link.


The park offered really nice views of the surrounding countryside. It was easy to see why it’s such a popular place to camp.

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