Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore — Miners Castle and Overlook, An Iconic Must See

If you’re planning a trip to the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, chances are you want to see some of the pictured rocks. While the best way to see them is by boat, you can also see them through hiking and a few lookout points on land. No matter how you plan to experience the Pictured Rocks, a stop to the Miners Castle overlook is a must do.

As the name suggests, this overlook provides a variety of views of Miners Castle. This sandstone formation is one of the most iconic at the park. Like all the rocks in the park, looking at the layers is like looking at history. Let’s get geological for a minute with the help of NPS. The layers tell the story of different sources of sediment, weathering, and glacial events, with the oldest on the bottom and the youngest on the top. The color you see throughout the pictured rocks, is thanks to the minerals in the water. As water seeps through cracks and between the layers of rock, minerals are deposited in the soft sandstone and leave behind color. Blue and green colors are from copper, black is manganese; and yellow, red, and orange are iron.

Visiting the rock via the overlook is easy. Five miles east of Munising you will find the road leading to the parking lot and overlook. This area is quite popular so expect to find numerous people there.

From there, a paved path will being you to several platforms and opportunities to view the rock and Lake Superior.

Not a bad view to be found.

See that peak on top of the rock that looks like a turret? Well, there used to be two of those. In 2006 the second turret fell into the lake below. The rocks are alive and changing!

From the upper platform area, a path leads down a hill and a series of steps to the lower lookout platform. This platform allows for a view of the rock from a different angle.

Looking east allows for a glimpse of some of the shoreline which makes this park famous.

More on the shoreline in the next post.

Gorgeous. I love this view. With the oceanlike lake behind it, Miners Castle looks like the last glimpse of land before you float away forever.

Like I said, this stop is a must do. It’s easy to access and doesn’t take all that long, so there’s really no excuse not to.

Next post, I will finish up this trip with a ton of pictures of the pictured rocks themselves, taken by boat. I know that doesn’t really fit into my hiking “brand,” but I can’t resist sharing them.

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