Camping on the River at Buckhorn State Park, Campsite Review of Site #21

Some of my favorite campsites in Wisconsin have stunning views without having to leave the comfort of the fireside. One of these sites is at Buckhorn State Park. With the right planning and a little insider knowledge, you can enjoy views of the stunning Wisconsin River on a private beach.

If you saw my last post, you know that Buckhorn is affectionately known as the mosquito capital of Wisconsin. Planning your trip early or late in the season can make or break your trip. I camped in May, with the lows at night in the upper 30’s. Cold, but worth it.

Buckhorn has a variety of campsites, including drive-in sites at the new family campground, cart-in sites, backpack sites, and an accessible cabin. Make sure to look at the map when planning your trip. Some sites are on the water and some are further inland, some have a further walk, and some have pit toilet access only. Make sure you pick the right site for your style of camping. The park’s website does a great job of explaining exactly what you are getting yourself into.

On this trip, we camped at backpack site #21, which is actually a cart-in site. The map made it look like it didn’t have any nearby access to a bathroom of any sort. Luckily, the three campsites shared a porta potty.

Finding the campsite was easy enough, thanks to the map and some directions from the park office. Be warned, however, that many of the backpack sites require some driving on dirt roads. While not normally a problem, these dirt roads had potholes ready to eat a small sedan. Take it slow, your car’s suspension will thank you.

Being a backpack site, it was guaranteed that the car wouldn’t be right next to the tent. This site shares a cart with 2 other sites. With the right, courteous neighbors, this is never a problem. The park office will give you the lock code upon check in. The cart itself is big and sturdy, easy for hauling anything from tents and tackle to water and wood.

Depending on which site you reserve, the site is a short walk down the trail.

The site was big, spacious, and flat.

Complete with a fire pit near your own private beach.

Campfire riverside. Does it get any more perfect than this?

Wood is available for purchase at the park office.

Looking out over the river after dinner was calming and the perfect way to end an evening. Plus it was fun to watch the boats. We saw a few people on jet skis (freezing!) and someone with an air boat.

For real. Look at that. How many campsites give you this kind of view?

I highly recommend Buckhorn, specifically one of the more secluded river sites. That being said, watch the weather and plan your trip accordingly. Would this experience have been the same with the hoards of mosquitoes Buckhorn is famous for? Probably not.

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