Easy Campfire Italian Beef Foils

I would like to introduce you to my new favorite thing.

Giardiniera on all things beef.

I’ve long been a fan of a good Chicago Italian beef sandwich. Shaved beef, spicy giardiniera, on crunchy bread, all dipped in au jus. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Having one warm off the fire after a long day of hiking? Possibly a dream come true.

GF 2Warm, spicy, cheesy meat. Ah yeah!

I love dinner foils while camping. They might take more work upfront, but to me they are worth it. They make an otherwise un-portable meal mobile and campfire ready.

Let’s get these foils going.

The first thing that make these foils a success is the tender shredded beef. For this, I cook a beef roast low and slow. Nothing special you need to do to the meat since you want its beefy flavor to shine. A roast, some broth, some Worcestershire, a little seasoning, all cooked slow and low for 7-8 hours. Like I said, nothing fancy, but if you need some more guidance, this blog (by Add a Pinch) pretty much explains what I do.

Once it’s cooked, shred your beef.


Once you have your meat ready to go, assemble your foils.


First the meat.


Then a helping of giardiniera.


Followed by some shredded mozzarella.

Wrap it all up and refrigerate it (or cooler cool it) until you’re ready to throw it on the coals. It’s all precooked, so you’re really just going to warm it up and melt the cheese.

GF 1

Simple yet oh so tasty.

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