Hiking Goals – Maui Edition, Where to Hike During an Upcoming Trip

Here we are in March. The weather has been pretty forgiving by Wisconsin winter standards and it seems like we are finally breaking the grasp of winter. Except for the large, stubborn piles, most of the snow has melted to expose the brown grass underneath. (What a beautiful time to be in Wisconsin.) I’ve talked about this before, this is the time of year I start to get even more restless and my cabin fever spikes. The itch to get outside is strong, but the weather isn’t quite warm enough. So close, yet so very far.

Well, you know what? I leave for Maui in 19 days.

So when I think Maui, I think this:

Maui1.jpg(Photo: GoHawaii.com)

Sand, water, and warmth. Don’t get me wrong, I want a significant amount of my time spent this way, but I’m hoping I can do more than that. I want to explore the island the best way I know how, hiking!

Similar to my 2018 Wisconsin hiking goals, I bring you the Maui edition. Not goals, per se, but more a prepared list of possibilities. Continue reading

10k Women Trail Project, Hiking with a Purpose


For all my female friends, I wanted to share a project with an incredible goal that I first learned about today from my online community of Women Hiking Wisconsin. (Some seriously impressive, motivating, and welcoming women!)

The 10K Women Trail Project is working to inspire 10,000 women to hike and log their adventures all over North America. Funded by REI’s Force of Nature grant and partnering with Hike it Baby, the project is asking women to join, hike, and log their adventures from November 1, 2017 through September 1, 2018. Continue reading