Month: June 2017

Dunes Galore! Kohler Andrae State Park

Another beautiful sandy park along the shores of Lake Michigan. On a sunny day, this park would have appeared even more stunning. Unfortunately,  this day the clouds dominated the sky and threatened drizzle all afternoon. Even so, the natural allure of this location is hard to… Continue Reading “Dunes Galore! Kohler Andrae State Park”

Chickpea Veggie Curry

I love curry. It’s such a year round comfort food for me. In the past, curry has always fallen under the category of dishes I only eat when I’m at a restaurant because they are better left to the professionals. Sushi still lives in this category for… Continue Reading “Chickpea Veggie Curry”

Point Beach State Forest

Ah, the ocean. There’s nothing quite like the sound of crashing waves, the smell of fish in the air, and nothing but water as far as the eye can see….

Aztalan State Park

Want more history and less hiking? Aztalan State Park is for you! Located in Jefferson County, Aztalan is truly a unique park that stands as testimony to the ingenuity of America’s early inhabitants.

Spicy Tomato Pasta

I’m a huge fan of grab and go lunches. I love a fresh salad at lunchtime, but the extra 7 minutes it takes to pack one usually guarantees that I will be 7 minutes late for work. Pack it the night before, you say?… Continue Reading “Spicy Tomato Pasta”

Blue Mound State Park

(This post is a late post from summer 2016. The Ridgeview Trail has since reopened.) Lately I’ve been noticing theme to my hiking – parks that are a short drive from Madison. I suppose that speaks to the fast pace of summer and the limited… Continue Reading “Blue Mound State Park”